Adrian Lunney PR straightaway gives you a professional and specialist press and public relations programme tailor-made for you.  We go to business straightaway – with the best of your company’s achievements – news and features

We shall deliver:

  • Best story selection and know-how - selecting and presenting your best assets in terms of news and feature material – material that a variety of media customers will want to publish and that your customers will want to read about.
  • Award-winning journalistic skills - providing you with first class writing and story drafting skills – together with an experienced eye for the right kind of accompanying visual material.
  • Media contacts and delivering to deadline - this is what the journalist ‘customer’ wants above all else – a steady stream of material, crafted to his/her needs and always delivered ahead of deadline. Your company’s news and features will benefit straightaway from this discipline – and will go to the right media people – in plastics, packaging, retail and the environment – at the right time. Create the right impression from the start – and the ongoing prospects are safeguarded.
  • A single and accountable resource - Outsourcing this kind of specialists press and pr communications work frees these tasks from internal snagging and complications. Working with Adrian Lunney PR also enables you adopt a more creative role with your company’s communications – asking more and getting more from the work involved.
  • The value of an outside/3rd party view - You also get the benefit of an independent voice that can always offer – without fear or favour – a strong, positive, constructive and professional view on your organisation’s presentation and communication.
  • Internet marketing – the promotional work will, where appropriate, include best online sales and marketing strategies; including ezine newsletters, website design and marketing – including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work.
  • Create your own media – print or audio-visual – we will work with you to create your own magazines and/or catalogue/brochure producers for your clients and customers. We’ll also help script and film your audio visual presentations – for use on your website, with customers or for wider broadcast on outlets such as YouTube.

Adrian Lunney PR is available and ‘on call’ for you on a continuous and daily basis – and set to delivering successful communications campaigns under your management.

All clients are dealt with by Adrian Lunney personally.